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Information supply and demand in cyber policymaking 

Cybersecurity is a huge and growing concern for industry, civil society, and the government officials who must make decisions about new cyber policies to meet evolving threats. How are those policymakers getting the information and analysis they need to make those decisions? The perspectives of industry and government experts are well-represented in those deliberations, but ...

Q&A with Sameer Bhalotra: Cybersecurity’s most pressing problems 

With a global ransomware attack on more than 150 countries creating disruptions for thousands of businesses, hospitals and universities and the repercussions from last year’s DNC hack still a matter of intense public interest, the challenge of crafting effective cyber policies is only becoming more urgent. Earlier this year, the Center for Strategic and International ...

What hacking taught journalists about cybersecurity 

Hannah Yasharoff is a student at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. She participated in a cybersecurity workshop at the college that was supported by the Hewlett Foundation. With the help of a hacker, reporters and editors inside a computer lab at the University of Maryland this summer witnessed for themselves just ...

Refining our cyber initiative grantmaking strategy 

For the past few months, Apple and the U.S. government have been in embroiled in an increasingly antagonistic spat about the iPhone that belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the suspects in the shooting in San Bernardino, California. The U.S. Department of Justice has sought to legally compel Apple to disable several of the ...

Cyber Initiative: Refined Grantmaking Strategy 

Launched in March 2014, the Hewlett Foundation’s Cyber Initiative seeks to build a more capable field to strategically address a broad range of topics that impact the security, stability and resilience of a free and open Internet and connected devices. This includes not only traditional notions of computer and information security, but related policy issues ...

Cybersecurity at the Intersection 

  Interesting piece at TechCrunch by Ben FitzGerald of the Center for a New American Security (a grantee of our Cyber Initiative), on the importance of collaboration across sectors and disciplines for real cybersecurity: Government outreach efforts often talk about collaboration and working together but usually in a vague, aspirational, kumbaya kind of way. However, for cybersecurity ...

Waging War on Hackers Actually Hurts US Cybersecurity Efforts 

Writing in the Christian Science Monitor, Cyber Initiative Program Officer Eli Sugarman makes the case that hackers—the white hat wearing kind—are critical to U.S. cybersecurity: During his State of the Union address last month, President Obama singled out hackers as one of America’s principal cyber enemies and called for stiffer criminal penalties against them. Fans of this tough rhetoric should beware: ...

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